© 2010 ExcelCare Nanny Placement Service Nanny Testimonials Family Testimonials “I have worked through ExcelCare a number of times over  the years.  I have had wonderful experiences with the  families that Jess has found for me.  I have been with my  current family for 4 years, and I have been able to watch  the baby to grow and begin kindergarten, as well as, see  the older child through preschool, kindergarten, and the  beginnings of elementary school.  I have built life long  relationships that will always be near to my heart.  It is  wonderful to be in a work so rewarding.”   April W. “ExcelCare matched me with a wonderful family that I have  been with for 9 years.  Throughout the time I have been  with the family, Jess has been a great support.  If I ever  had any questions or concerns, he was always there for  me.  I would highly recommend the services of ExcelCare  to anyone.”   Joan M. “Jess at ExcelCare was referred to me by one of his past  clients.  He did just as good of a job as promised and  more!  He took a great deal of care interviewing my son  and me so he could match a nanny to our needs.  Due to  relocations and graduations, we used ExcelCare on three  occasions in six years, and each time Jess found us a  highly qualified nanny who was a pefect fit.  Each nanny  will remain a life long part of our family.”   Kristin G. “ExcelCare has given us two amazing nannies!  From the  very beginning, Jess put our minds at ease, while he  expertly found the perfect person in whom we would feel  confident selecting as a nanny for our children.  Our first  nanny was with us for 3 years, and then left to start her  own family.  She and the wonderful nanny that followed  have become like part of our family.  We have referred  ExcelCare to our close friends, and give this service our  highest recommendation.”   Kevin J. Terms of Use Privacy Policy 2