© 2010 ExcelCare Nanny Placement Service Nanny Testimonials Family Testimonials “I have had the privilege of working with Jess for the past  three years.  My experiences with him and the families I  have worked with have exceeded my expectations.  Jess  has gone over and beyond what any person would do for  me and my family.  If you are looking to work with people  who are professional and have your best interests at heart,  then I highly recommend ExcelCare.”   CaTrina C. “ExcelCare has been incredible in helping me find part-time  nanny work.  I am a full-time student and ExcelCare was  very accomodating to my needs.  Jess found me a perfect  job that matched with my school schedule.  I am happy to  say that I have been with the family for two years.  I have  always been treated like an important part of this service.  ExcelCare has always called me back quickly, and would  meet me at a time that would fit my schedule.  I am very  honored to be a part of this service.”   Stephanie G.   “My husband and I have the highest respect for Jess &  ExcelCare.  We had never hired a nanny before, and he  was a wealth of information and support for us as we  moved through the process.  The entire nanny search  was very easy, and we have a wonderful nanny who is  an important addition to our family.  Thank you Jess for  everything, you were wonderful to work with!”   Erica C. “We have entrusted the care of our daughters to ExcelCare  providers since 2003; including very specialized care for a  child with Autism Spectrum.  The relationships we have  developed with past and present providers have enriched  our lives in wonderfully unexpected ways.  In fact, the  care providers Jess has placed with us have been of such  high quality and aptitude, I am positive we will be calling  ExcelCare again if ever the need arises.”   Adam F. Terms of Use Privacy Policy 3 1