© 2010 ExcelCare Nanny Placement Service Nanny Testimonials Family Testimonials “I have been a professional nanny through ExcelCare for  16 Years.  Jess is always professional in helping both his  client families and the nannies.  I love the way he takes  time to interview with the parents, as well as, the nannies,  and is careful to match up the personalities of the nanny  with the family.  I love being a nanny, and I am expecially  honored to be working with ExcelCare.”   Michelle V. “I absolutely love my job as a professional nanny caring  for a 6 month old infant.  ExcelCare lives up to their name  by excelling in finding experienced professional nannies,  and connecting the dots to parents who are in need of  quality nanny care.  As a professional nanny and a parent  I highly recommend ExcelCare to parents seeking high  qualitity childcare and nannies seeking a great family to  provide care for.”   Christine B.  “I am a mother and pediatrician, and I highly recommend  ExcelCare.  Jess provided us with our first nanny seven  years ago when my oldest was an infant.  We have had  several more nannies through his agency as our needs  have changed and family grown.  Each nanny has been  highly qualified and a good role model for each of our  three children.  They have each provided excellent, safe  and nurturing care.  I appreciate Jess’s kindness and  personalized approach.  He makes the process of finding  a nanny easy and rewarding.”   Pamela M. “With the help of ExcelCare we have a nanny who has  been with us for almost nine years.  Their thorough  assessment of her personality and experience was an  immense help.  Once we had to call on ExcelCare to  provide a temporary nanny when ours was on leave.  Again, Jess was able to find us a highly capable person  who worked well with our children.”   Jim J. Terms of Use Privacy Policy 2